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With over ten years of experience in Business Development, Events and Marketing, Globella have worked with hundreds of businesses to connect them within their local business community through networking, coordinating B2B events and offering marketing services.

Globella can adapt across multi-sectors in Business Development, Event Management, Networking and Marketing and have a proven track record in commercialising businesses and departments, often exceeding initial project deliverables.


We have learnt to adapt to marketing a business across multiple platforms, most recently digital mechanisms, whilst thinking out of the box to achieve a high interest rate and maximum impact in a cost-effective way. 

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Globella is an idea which bloomed from the success of the Development Partnership Network. CEO Hannah Thompson has a decade of experience coordinating large-scale events designed to engage new audiences and foster business relationships and partnerships between local suppliers and organisations of all kinds.

Her first event in March 2017 started with just 40 organisations, each showcasing their business on a small table. This concept then tripled by the second event and grew to become the largest networking event in Cambridgeshire, consistently attracting at least 100 businesses to each event in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire. 

Globella is the newest branch of the business which is specially designed to cater to those in need of help organising, co-ordinating and marketing large-scale events and conferences, lending a helping hand to those just starting out, or a professional bespoke package to more experienced partners who know exactly what they need.


With over ten years of experience, we've helped hundreds of businesses reach their full potential, guiding and supporting people like you in getting the very best out of their business development, events and marketing.

FOR Business

Planning is most definitely the key to success, but where do you start?

Our consultation services can help you ensure that your business plan is in top shape for success.


It's commonly known that people forget facts but remember stories.


Marketing is a hugely important tool in telling your story, and we can help you tell it the right way.

FOR event management

Events are a great way of growing your business and getting the word out.

But they can be daunting, so we're here to help you with our years of event management experience. 


"It's not what you know, it's who you know."

We've all heard that line, but it's still so true! Networking is our speciality and we can definitely help you gain and make the most of new connections.

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