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Event Management

Events are a great way to engage and entertain your audience.  Not only do they benefit the hosts and sponsors, but they enrich the lives of those attending. They are there to inspire, intrigue, develop and connect people, bringing them together under one roof (or on a virtual screen) better than most marketing can achieve.



Whatever the event, we work with your from initial thoughts to completion, bringing a stand-out look and feel to every brand experience and event.



We'd love to tell you about everything you do, but we realise you're a busy person so we've tried to keep it short.

If you're unsure if we cover an event not listed here, then get in touch - you'd be surprised at the breadth of our experience!

Thanks for getting in contact. We'll be in touch soon!


As professional event organisers, we work with each of our clients from conception through to completion and manage the whole process for you for any conference you want to deliver.

Conferences need to engage your audience, not just be a show and tell.

There is enormous value in having a full room of industry brains and experience. We can help design and organise conference experiences that maximise this value - encouraging interaction and the sharing and development of ideas.

Stimulating content delivered in an engaging way – through group activity, interactive technology and creative formats – which will help ensure key messages are retained, commitments are actioned, and your audience leaves with a sense of accomplishment, inspiration and development.

We look at your conference in its full context rather than viewing it as a standalone, one-off event. Mapping out the emotional journey from pre-event engagement to post-event evaluation, including the extension into social and virtual media.

We can offer in-person, virtual and hybrid conferencing events, so you can continue to connect with your audiences wherever they are in the world.

From 20 to 200 delegates, we complete the whole turnkey operation from sourcing and booking venues, organising speakers and facilitators, delegate management, theme, décor and entertainment to delivering the event for you on the day.



Exhibitions are a powerful marketing tool.  They provide a platform for you to showcase your product or service to a group that may have little or no knowledge of what your brand does.  They offer a great opportunity to meet existing and potential customers all under one roof.

Whether you want to attend an event to exhibit or set up your own exhibition, Globella can step in.

From organising the event, designing and building your communal areas, such as registration desks and banners and arranging your merchandise, we ensure you can connect with your audience and market your message. Or, if you want to take the plunge and create a new exhibition for your industry, Globella can work with you from idea to conception and bring your dreams into a reality.



Do you want to bring together some of your clients to network?  Want to launch a new product or service with a bit of a punch?  Get in touch with us to remove the stress of organising the event, whilst you can get on with being the perfect host.

Want to attend networking events with a bit of difference?  Take a look at our Showcase and Sofa Networking that have a proven track record of getting you those connections in a friendly way, no matter what your networking style is.

Take a look at the networking events that we organise for businesses to get together from Cambridgeshire to Lincolnshire, over on our events page.







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