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Active Lincolnshire Sport England Together Fund

Marketing & Event Organisation

Globella worked in partnership with Active Lincolnshire as part of their health and wellbeing programme, promoting, marketing and organising events as part of the England Together Fund.

About The Project

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Get Care Home Residents Moving

Darkside Rising Open Gym

Active Nation 'Y' UK Parkrun

Fitter Communities in Woodhall Spa

New Equipment for Holbeach Hub Users

Bourne Rugby Club Mini & Juniors Growth

Lincolnshire Tennis Rallies on Wheels

Long Sutton Cricket Club & Sport2Day

Dance Your Way to Happiness

Wheelchair Basketball in Market Rasen

'Keep on Moving' Project With CLIP

Lincolnshire Tennis Rallies on Wheels

Cherry Judo Club Boost in Lincoln

Walking Netball on the Lincolnshire East Coast

Bracebridge Boxing Club Funding Boost

Ever Young Club Classes For Over 50s

Hartsholme Cricket Club Support

Boost for MSK Sufferers in Grantham & Boston

Smashing Barriers for 'Horncastle Hotshots'

Events Across the UK

Wednesday 7th June
Tuesday 5th September
Thursday 5th October
Tuesday 24th October
Wednesday 1st November

Haverfordwest, Wales

Stirling, Scotland

Stretford, Manchester

Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Reading, England                         

The Scope of Our Services

The Scope of services included, but was not limited to:

  • Finding venues for and organising in-person events, including tours and site visits, refreshments and technology.

  • Securing speakers/facilitators relevant to the topic area including case studies, research specialists.

  • Setting up and delivering online events.

  • Producing promotional copy and promoting the events.

  • Managing bookings using the Network’s systems.

  • Organising and analysing delegate feedback.​

Enormous thanks to the organisers for a really stimulating conference. I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting new people with similar enthusiasms! Thank you.  Especially to Hannah for truly exceptional organisation of the event and making a newcomer feel so welcome.
Hannah was a super power and it was great to see the staff be involved in enjoying the conference a bit more rather than having to organise everything
Lovely to meet you at the Newcastle Conference.  Needless to say, we were bowled over by the tight planning and organisation, very impressive!
Just a note to say thank you for an excellent conference.  Could you run it again, though, so I can see all the other sites and hear all the other talks?  There was simply too much to chose from!
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