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Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust

Celebration and Fundraising Dinner Organiser

Working together with the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust to deliver a high-profile dinner, celebrating the success of recent large projects and their generous funders.

About The Project

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Project Objectives


At least 200 in-person delegates attend

The event breaks even financially (preferably making a surplus)

Sponsorship income increases on previous years

The conference helps the Network to further engage with both key stakeholders and new communities

Delegate feedback is overwhelmingly positive and they are delighted with all aspects of the conference

The conference retains its existing friendly and inspiring character

The Scope of Our Services

The Scope of services included, but was not limited to:

  • Locating a suitable venue and reporting back to the Chief Executive and Chair.

  • Researching potential dates for the conference, avoiding half-term holidays in each of the UK nations and clashes with other events which might attract similar audiences.

  • Liaising with the venue and caterers, and agreeing dates, the requirements and prices.

  • Convening a conference working group of staff, trustees and member volunteers (from the location city).

  • Convening regular online meetings of the group to get suggestions and feedback on the programme.

  • Drawing up a promotional plan for the conference, including the development of event branding.

  • Developing a conference programme, recruiting speakers, facilitators, tour leaders and entertainers.

  • Drawing up an exhibitor/sponsorship package and promoting it to previous sponsors, existing Partner members and the wider heritage business community.

  • Agreeing exhibitor/sponsorship deals.

  • Researching and securing locations for tours, visits and conference dinners.

  • Agreeing pricing with the Chief Executive and managing the conference on Eventbrite. This included the ongoing management of ticket sales.

  • Developing the conference page on the Network website and ensuring delegates had the information they require to make informed choices about accommodation, travel, etc.

  • Liaising with speakers, facilitators and tour leaders to ensure they had agreed to contribute and were appropriately briefed.

  • Recruiting a photographer and videographer for the event.

  • Preparing regular reports for the staff team, conference working group and board.

  • Communicating with delegates and dealing with any issues they arose.

  • Monitoring costs and managing the event budget.

  • Securing additional elements required to make the event a success

Enormous thanks to the organisers for a really stimulating conference. I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting new people with similar enthusiasms! Thank you.  Especially to Hannah for truly exceptional organisation of the event and making a newcomer feel so welcome.
Hannah was a super power and it was great to see the staff be involved in enjoying the conference a bit more rather than having to organise everything
Lovely to meet you at the Newcastle Conference.  Needless to say, we were bowled over by the tight planning and organisation, very impressive!
Just a note to say thank you for an excellent conference.  Could you run it again, though, so I can see all the other sites and hear all the other talks?  There was simply too much to chose from!
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