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London; the world is your Oyster Card

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

The capital of the UK, is a bustling city with vast space, manic traffic queues and just having that city life!

Every time I return to the city, a full day is certainly on the cards, with tube hopping to get us about as quickly as possible to transport us to the next gem that is on the agenda.

The great joy with this city is that you can truly suit any budget, travelling down, around and perhaps event staying in.

Over the past few years there have been a variety of ways we have done it, and I have put together some hints and tips on getting in and around to make the most out of your pound.

Travelling to the City

If you are wanting to visit the city centre, I would hugely recommend the train and arriving into Kings Cross. Always pre-book your tickets at least six weeks in advance. I travel regularly with the same people and we always renew our Two Together Railcard where you get a third of the price off no matter when the tickets are bought, and often just the first set of tickets pays for the one-off £30 fee, as long as you travel together!

Useful hint with your railcard, before visiting any attractions, check the website to see first if there are any offers as most famous and typical London Attractions are typically on a 2 for 1 basis as long as you can prove you arrived into London via the train.

For driving down, find a tube station that is located on the outskirts, so Zones 5 -9 preferably to park up and get the underground into the centre. Car Parking can be reasonably cheap .

Travelling around the City

Getting around again can be as expensive as you would like to make it. Of course, using London Black cabs as your chosen transportation everywhere will soon clock up the pounds, and a lot of that will be paying for being sat still in traffic. #

The Underground is ideal if you know which stops you need to get off at and how to get to your destination on arrival to the surface. Buying a day ticket can be pricey now after their increase a few years back, so simply use your contactless bank card as your ticket for moving underneath the city. (For more information go to

If the sun is shining and the weather is fine (or as fine as it can be in the UK) another way to see the city from a great perspective is getting on to two wheels yourself and get cycling on the aptly nicknamed ‘Boris Bikes’. Introduced by the precious Major of London, Boris Johnson, the Santander bikes start from just £2 per bike and can be one of the quickest ways to get about. Just make sure you know where you can and cannot go, as the fines for pedalling over that boundary can soon add some pounds to your card for a payment after you have already left.

Staying in the City

If you aren’t bunking on a friend’s sofa or spare room, then hotels are in an abundance of locations suited to each taste, style and budget. You can live like a king in luxurious hotels such as Claridge’s, The Dorchester and Rosewood where your budget will need to have several zero’s on there. However of course we want to find luxury, but sometimes the best places aren’t always what you need to spend. With the rapid increase and popularity of Airbnb there are some incredible places that you can stay in for a fraction of the place with unique quirks that a hotel simply couldn’t offer you.

From a boat on the River Thames to even a room in St Pancras Clock Tower check out some of my favourites and highly recommended:

Luxury Room near Canary Wharf

Narrowboat at Little Venice

Historic Ship Captain’s bedroom near Tower Bridge

So, you know how to get in and around but what do you do once you are in the city?

Keep an eye out for the some more blogs detailing some great itinerary plans for your next London adventure.

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