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Globella; how did it all start?

Who am I?

From a young age, and on any holiday or time away, I would count the hours down until I returned home. That feeling of home sickness always stuck with me and for years I didn't go much further even in the UK, my feet barely left my home town. This suited me for many years, and even joked as a child that I would end up living next door to Mum and Dad as that feeling remained there in the pit of my stomach and constantly at the back of my head for years until a traumatic incident shook my world upstairs down.

In 2013 after a five year battle, I was diagnosed with an illness that will affect me for the rest of my life. My diagnosis of ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia means that from day to day I don't know if I will be bedridden or not for several days at a time, sometimes event weeks.

Something like this can either make or break a person and it is how you deal with something like this that truly defines you as a person.

This changed everything for me.

There was a huge world out there and I realised that I had barely seen or experienced any of it. My appetite for seeing, discovering and even tasting started to grow within me and I wanted to satisfy it as best I could with knowing that I could be struck with a flare up at any point.

Today was for living, as you truly don't know what tomorrow will bring.

So I started a few years ago, just simply finding some new places and having a few mini adventures here and there, and before I knew it I was always googling to find new, unique experiences here in the UK; I didn't go to London for the day to end up dining in a High Street store that I could find anywhere, I wanted a unique experience every where I went, no matter where it was or what I was doing.

Before I knew it I was addicted and always looked for adventures, here in the UK and abroad, googling, collecting leaflets, scouring social media to find out what my next stop would be......BUT........travelling and adventures do not come cheap and you only have so much holiday you can take off work, so I am always on the hunt for a budget deal, doing things at the best value and how to get the most out of any trip, adventure or just a visit to somewhere so if I can do it, so can you!

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